Child labor ethical issue

On the other hand, Senator Tom Hawking, an Iowa Democrat who has long favored a stronger role in protecting children, asserted that kids should be in school, not toiling in the sex trade, hand-knotting carpets, mining ore, making fireworks, carrying bricks or operating saws Kenen, The industry sector, on the other hand, includes mining and quarrying, manufacturing, construction, and public utilities such as electricity, gas and water.

The code would stipulate that children should not be employed in physically taxing work, such as heavy lifting, should work fewer hours than adults, and receive pay commensurate with the work they are doing and not be seen as a cheap alternative to adult labour.

Lastly, child labour often occurs in rural settings or in areas of cities that authorities find difficult to access. This would result in indirect violation of human rights case of John Roe et al v.

When there is no access to school, or there might be a low quality of education, parents will want their children to find ways to make money or learn new skills such as agriculture to bring income to the family. Child Labor in Philippines. The inability of businesses to fix the failures of the governments keeps most of the companies away from bringing into play some real action against child labour in their agendas.

The most important reason for child labor is poverty, and the induced pressure upon them to escape from this world of slavery. Gap has promised to withdraw tens of thousands of items identified in the investigation and to stop using the culpable contractors.

Correspondingly, the questions arises for a responsible business are as follows: Interviewing management on policy and practices to prevent child labour. Africa and South America have respectively 32 and 7 per cent of global child labour. Children in agriculture are exposed to heavy loads, chemicals used for fertilizers and pesticides, and to natural elements such as rain, sun and strong winds.

With the companies pulling out their work, the underage workers may not be compensated for the efforts of their previously completed labor and their future employment is placed in jeopardy.

Legal Risk Firstly, beside national legislation that prohibits child labour in almost all countries all over the world, there are 3 main international instruments that regulate child labour: Would ending such corporate profiteering improve or worsen the plight of workers in developing countries.

In addition to these, the child scavengers suffer from tetanus infections, while those engaged in prostitution get constantly exposed to sexually transmitted diseases and maltreatment from sadistic customers.

There are many reasons why child labor occurs in undeveloped countries. As with many threats to children's development and well-being, poverty is considered to be a root cause of child labor.

Ethical Issues: Child Labor and Sweatshops

The mission of the Bureau of International Labor Affairs (ILAB) at the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) is to promote a fair global playing field for workers in the United States and around the world by enforcing trade commitments, strengthening labor standards, and combating international child labor, forced labor, and human trafficking.

result, child labor is most prevalent in the highly unmonitored, informal and rural sectors. For example, 66 percent of officially employed children aged 6 to 14 years in Peru work in the countryside (Boyden ). Because child labour is a complex issue, it requires a multi-faceted response from a wide range of stakeholders.

The ILO estimates million children work globally, accounting for almost 11% of the child population as a whole – with more than half (85 million) in hazardous work.

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Its ethical policy states its commitment to ensuring that its clothes are free of child labour and that, if it discovers children being used by a contractor to make its clothes, that contractor. Another issue of this complex phenomenon is the ethical dilemma that business is facing which makes the possible solutions of the child labour persistence more and more complicated because the border between what is ethical and what is unethical becomes very vague mostly in countries where the child labour is a common practice and is widely.

Using child labor as an example, Buller and McEvoy () suggest that for such an ethical issue multinationals might follow a universal approach (e.g., through a corporate code of ethics), even in the case of a multidomestic, adaptive strategy.

At the same time, gift giving could be an example where local traditions are respected, even by.

Child labour Child labor ethical issue
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