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The activity of the Czech Academy of Sciences founded in as the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences is supplemented by many specialized institutions; the academy sponsors a number of international congresses.

The population exceededbyand expansion continued after the city received its first railway eight years later. He began with the first performance of The Excursions of Mr.

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A high cupola of glass crowns the roof. Inthe new building reached its full height and in the theatre was roofed over. We hope you will feel the same way. It took five years to finish it. Today it functions as the main stage of the three artistic ensembles of the National Theatre: The advisory board has 11 to 13 members, who are appointed and dismissed by the director.

To the west is its more massive successor, the basically Gothic St. It first acquired the name Royal Theatre of the Estates in when it was purchased by the Bohemian Estates. Foreign merchants, notably Germans and Italians, became economically and politically powerful in uneasy alliance with the kings.

They provided the fundamental ideology guiding artistic expression, which today is described as the art of the generation of the National Theatre. The building, with perfect technical equipment electric illumination, a steel-constructed stageserved without any extensive modifications for almost one hundred years.

They started a new campaign for the reconstruction of the National Theatre. It is also nice to admire the river scene from above with a trip up to Prague Castle or by taking a ride on the Funicular Railway up Petrin Hill.

We are here to help You all the time. The Pantheon contains busts and statues of famous Czech scholars, writers and artists. After World War II economic reconstruction began, careful planning was necessary to restore and preserve the historic monuments of the city centre.

Within 20 years Czechs had won a majority on the City Council, and Czech cultural life was experiencing a renascence centred on Prague. In the exterior the loggia stands out with Corinthian columns above the main entrance, preceded in front of the building.

The region is replete with Paleolithic relics, and Neolithic farmers inhabited the region from about to bce. Throughout the s Prague underwent a cultural, economic, and political transformation. The citizens rose in revolt on May 5,and held the city until the Red Army arrived four days later.

The original text mentioned the Emperor Franz Josef I, during whose reign the theatre was built. The main face of the building was damaged by a Soviet machine-gun during the Warsaw Pact intervention in August Another 11 performances were presented after that.

He was the one to assert the expansion of the edifice to include the block of flats belonging to Dr. Estates Theatre in Prague's first standing public theatre, the Sporck Theatre, operated from to Two testing rooms ballet and universal as well as other technical premises were built.

The offer includes accommodation in Prague, from cheap to luxury accommodationin or out of the Prague city center.

Czech pilot Martin Šonka was in Prague with his trophy from winning the Red Bull Air Race World Championship. After an uncertain start to the season, he won. National Theatre (Národní divadlo) The National Theatre is the Czech Republic's representative stage, built with funds from a nationwide collection and first opened inand for the second time in after a devastating fire.

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National Theatre Prague

Provides tickets for Mozart's Estates Theatre, Prague National Theatre, Prague State Opera in Karlin. Prague tickets, Czech opera.

Prague Tourism Information & City Guide Prague is known as the 'Jewel in the Crown' of Central Europe, and in recent years tourism has played an important role in its economic development. Summer Schools in Prague, Summer Schools in Prague. WHEN&WHERE.

National Theatre (Prague)

The summer schools will take place from July 1 to July 19, at the Faculty of Business Administration (FBA), University of Economics, Prague. Aug 11,  · The National Theater is a superb building in Prague with great history.

We saw this when we passed on a Vitava River cruise and the architecture is beautiful from all angles. Unfortunately there were no tickets available when we were there/5().

National theatre in prague
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