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The Mongollon pottery started as plain red and brown, then progressed into red on white and black on white designs bearing stylized figures of people and animals. To the Thamud people We sent Salih, one of their own brethren: The Anasazi builders achieved an incredible degree of architectural mastery.

Unfortunately for Fell, the photographs were not detailed enough to discriminate between the petroglyphs and naturally formed rock stains. Thamud is also found in Classical sources.

It was caused 50, years ago when a huge, iron-nickel meteorite, traveling at 40, miles per hour, struck the rock plain of Northern Arizona. When one man passed away, he was succeeded by another.

These shapes are often solidly pecked and not merely outlined. This site appears to contain Plains Indian petroglyphs and perhaps some older culture that utilized the circle and elk motifs. Derush, or the spiritual way. Or first stop was Honeymoon Bridge, an arc shaped rock formation with a dwelling inside.

After driving for miles and miles on this incredibly long road, we've arrived in Kykotsmovi, Arizona, in the land of the Hopi. He warned them against entering upon the people that had been punished, saying "Do not enter the house of those who were unjust to themselves, unless you enter weeping, lest you should suffer the same punishment as was inflicted upon them.

Sometimes they do look as if they could have been the writing of some unknown alphabet, while other times their meandering and random shapes totally allude us. During our drive we ask Clyde about his work.

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This they did, and did it well. In Colossians we find this statement: Today, the passage of time has allowed the same chemical reactions to form a new patina over the carved surface and measuring this later patina is a good clue to the age that they were first made.

The latter will be available on this web site shorty. Again, we sometimes see similarities in the symbols of the Plains Indian petroglyphs and the alphabetical and abstract meandering lines, but this case of copying what was "discovered" is obvious and historically proven.

The alphabetical petroglyphs are pecked as opposed to scraped or painted on to the stone by some sharp tool. The clue was on the side of the same rock, facing the cliff. Is it to be wondered at that the Saviour said they strained at a gnat, and swallowed a camel. The Thinite origin of writing in Africa is evident when we compare Vai and Thamudic.

At the very least we had the coincidence of elk petroglyphs and vertical slash marks at the same site, but that only raised more questions. Today the area is alive with tourist center, gift shop, RV Park and guided tours of the giant hole.

The leaders further on claimed that this voice would come only in the night, and it could come only to those who were learned, or who were deserving to understand the knowledge of God.

An appeal to any other source meant excommunication. But that will have to wait. For a few awkward moments there is silence in Sun Park. According to the Qur'an, the Thamud were punished and destroyed by a soundwave (rajfa).

Numerous Thamudic rock writings and pictures have been found on Mount Athlab and throughout central Arabia.

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[3]. Nov 04,  · African written history? Lounge [size=3]The Lead-ins[/size] Board Staff. Check out this article on the inscription Abubakari left in South America. The Thinite origin of writing in Africa is evident when we compare Vai and Thamudic.

The Vai script is a writing system used by the Mande speaking people. The symbols related to Vai was. The writing on the rocks: Thamidic and Arabia's linguistic past This project aims to open up the pre-Islamic linguistic history of Arabia through the systematic study of the Thamudic inscriptions within a digital humanities framework.

Two examples of Thamudic writing near the well. For more information, have a look at inscriptions transliterated by the Saudi Museum of Natural History.

This evidence of the well’s great age has spurred local people to try getting down to the bottom of it, perhaps in the hopes of finding ancient coins or some other form of treasure.

User:Vuara/Ancient America Mystery. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world check or money order. Don't forget to include your mailing address. We end with. Nov 18,  · Connections have been made between the ancient Thamudic scripts found from Syria to Yemen and the ancient Afro-Asiatic languages.

Approximately Thamudic inscriptions have been found scattered from Syria to Just Genesis.

Thamudic writing a check
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