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Usually, the Commission consists of 9 to 11 members including the chairman. Secretariat[ edit ] The Commission is serviced by a Secretariat headed by a Secretary with four Additional Secretaries, a number of Joint Secretaries, Deputy Secretaries and other supporting staff. They observed that there were several differences in terms of total benefits and emoluments of employees in the Central Government and PSUs and it was, therefore, difficult to compare the emoluments of Central Government employees and those in PSUs.

The President may suspend the Chairman or other member of the Commission until report of the Supreme Court is received. It was given a constitutional status with under of Constitution of India on 26 January To safeguard and ensure the independent and impartial functioning of the commission, the constitution has made following provisions: Also, conditions of service cannot be varied to his disadvantage after his appointment.

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When a person with the delegated authority intends to withhold a pay increment from a person, he or she, at least two weeks and not more than six weeks before the scheduled date of the pay increment, must give the person notice in writing of his or her intention to do so.

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It carries out merit-based selection and recommendation of candidates, through various examinations, to Group A and Group B Services of the Government of India. This would include but is not limited to leave, severance pay, allowances, check-off, hours of work, overtime, etc.

The constitution has clearly established that the advice of the Supreme Court is binding on the President.

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He may be removed from his office by the President of India on the ground of misbehaviour only if an inquiry of such misbehaviour is made and upheld by Supreme Court or if he is adjudged insolvent, or engages during his term of office in any paid employment outside the duties of his office, or in the opinion of the President unfit to continue in office by reason of infirmity of mind or body.

Further, he can make provision with respect to the number of members of the staff of the Commission and their conditions of service too. A comparison of salaries between the public sector and the Government may not be appropriate as it would not be a comparison between similarly placed entities.

When a person performing duties of a seasonal nature is deployed to a position to which this Appendix applies and a pay increment would become due to him or her in this new position, the pay increment becomes due to that person in the new position on the date on which a pay increment would have become due to him or her in the former position.

With respect to the rate of pay of the incumbent, this may be cited as salary protection status and, subject to Subsection 4.

Union Public Service Commission

Secretariat[ edit ] The Commission is serviced by a Secretariat headed by a Secretary with four Additional Secretaries, a number of Joint Secretaries, Deputy Secretaries and other supporting staff. It submitted its report on 24 Marchbut its recommendations were implemented retrospectively from 1 January The Commission is mandated under Art.

Although comparison with the public sector was not part of the terms of reference of the Fifth Pay Commission, they did collect information from various PSUs for the purpose of making a fair comparison and an assessment of the general climate of wage revisions in the country.

Directive on Terms and Conditions of Employment

The Office of the Public Service Commission is an equal opportunity, representative employer. It is the intention to promote representativeness (race, gender and disability) in the Public Service through the filing of positions. These calendars are distributed to PSAC area offices every year in late fall.

Area office staff distribute them to PSAC workplaces. Please contact your closest area office to see if they can supply your workplace directly. AGRICULTURAL OFFICER (EXTENSION) IN THE TAMIL NADU AGRICULTURAL EXTENSION SERVICE, supplemental notification noa/ DISTRIBUTION OF VACANCIES.

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FN&AN: 08/ CIVIL JUDGE in the tamil nadu state judicial service. CIVIL JUDGE - tamil nadu state judicial service - RULES. the Civil Service shall be referred to as a civil servant. (3) The Minister may, from time to time, by Order add to, vary or amend the Classification of Offices in the Civil.

Get information about the Punjab Public Service Commission. Information related to constitutional provisions, annual report, commission, secretariat of the commission, duties, etc is available.

Users can get details of the reservation category code, age relaxation code, etc. Bihar Public Service Commission: Online Application. Online application facility is being provided by another agency. In case of technical problems, please bring the issues to the knowledge of BPSC for timely solution.

Use the following link to submit your online application.

Union publice service comission
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